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KOBELCO WELDING ASIA PACIFIC (formerly known as Kobe Welding Singapore), KWAP, was established in January 1979 for manufacturing of covered electrodes, which are used in the shipbuilding, ship repair, offshore/ onshore construction for oil & gas, steel fabrication and many other industries related to steel constructions. We are also distributing a variety of welding consumables made by our parent company, KOBE STEEL LTD to the local market to provide full coverage of the welding consumables.



Welding Robots

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet provided in this website is in accordance with Globally harmonized system of classification and labeling of chemicals, GHS.


Certification by a third party is sometimes necessary for the welding materials and procedures used in the manufacture of important steel structures and machinery.

Kobelco Welding Handbook

Kobelco Welding Handbook 2015.jpg


Our corporate goal is to gain recognition as being not only the leading manufacturer in Japan but also the leading Welding Products manufacturer in the world.


Current and past events

Our Products

Kobe Steel's welding materials ranging from covered electrodes and semi-automatic welding wires to wires and fluxes for automatic welding, are all produced under rigorous standards. Each product is highly acclaimed by industries both inside and outside of Japan for proven reliability under various welding conditions.

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