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Welding Solutions
for Your Industry

Welding of structural steel is required for high quality to ensure earthquake resistance in Japan with many earthquakes. Kobe Steel will propose welding processes, materials and systems that achieve both higher quality welding and higher efficiency.

Our Welding business has been developing with shipbuilding in Japan.We keep on proposing welding solutions to shipyards all over the world.

KOBELCO has plenty supply record to all types of offshore structures.

For reduce CO2 emission higher generation efficiency of thermal power plant are required, therefore welding of boiler have to endure high temperature and pressure steam to the turbine. Kobe Steel keep on providing sophisticated welding technology and products to meet stringent specification, such as ferritic high chromium heat-resistant steel and stainless steel.

Construction machinery creates infrustructure all over the world. KOBELCO provides welding process, system, and materials which contributes high quality and productivity.

Kobelco keeps on providing welding process and welding materials to solve all the problems car manufactures are facing.

Kobe Steel, as reactor manufacturer and welding expert, develop and provide high quality welding materials which meet the stringent requirement under high-temperature and high-pressure hydrogen environment.

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